$100 Trip to Whole Foods

This is what a $100 trip to Whole Foods looks like when your toddler is on a strict gluten and casein free diet. We are trying like heck to keep his meals as similar as possible to what he was eating 3 weeks ago. This week we are planning on making him spaghetti & meatballs, pizza with Bob's Red Mill gluten free pizza crust mix, quesadillas with corn tortillas & roasted red pepper hummus, hamburgers (on tapioca bread) & french fries, and lots of other yummy treats. I'm even thinking about trying to tackle a GFCF strawberry shortcake for dessert one night. I'm going to chronicle all of this on this, our new blog. I will test recipes and try some improvisational techniques to turn all of his favorite meals GFCF.  Some will be awesome, some will be total flops. I'll rate it all based on ease of preparation, availability of ingredients, and of course, Levi's reaction to the final results! Thank you for checking our our blog. Please feel free to forward this along to anyone you know who keeps their family GFCF!
-Levi's Momma

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  1. love the bob's red mill pizza crust, it's a big staple at our house. checkout it's a great resource for recipes of all different types of sensetivities.