Spaghetti & Meatballs

Pasta has always been one of Levi's favorites. It kind of threw me for a loop when we decided on the GFCF diet for him because I hadn't really checked out the availability of GF items since my grandmother was diagnosed with celiac five years ago. At that time, GF food was very hard to come by, and more times than not, pretty terrible. So I was so thrilled when I discovered not only rice pasta, but corn pasta as well. Whole foods carries a nice variety of gluten free pasta, and Levi really doesn't seem to notice a difference. He really likes the angel hair, but also loves the penne.
We have made an effort to fix the same meal for all of us, trying to minimize the difference in ingredients. The only time we really do fix two different dinners is when the ingredients in Levi's GFCF meal are a lot more expensive than the non-GFCF alternative. So I made 2 pastas, and used 2 different sauces, but I was only going to mess with one version of meatballs. Levi & his Dad have always loved my meatball recipe and I was kind of at a loss on how to modify my recipe to make it GFCF (no parmesean, no bread crumbs). No biggie. I just left the cheese out and substituted the bread crumbs for crushed up Puffin's rice cereal. Not only did it still make a great meatball, but the subtle sweetness really complimented the organic marinara we used. Levi loved it, it was pretty inexpensive, and no more difficult to make than the alternative. Success!

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