Levi Loves Pad Thai

Gotta give big props to Thai Cafe in Broadripple! I had a major hankering for some of their soup last week, and so we got take out. I was curious about what we could get for Levi, and am always nervous about having to explain the whole GFCF thing to someone, ESPECIALLY over the phone. So stressful, and I am always scared that they'll not get it, or won't omit everything. To my relief, the owner didn't even flinch when I told her that I needed a Chicken Pad Thai, spice level 0, gluten and casein free. She even thought to let me know that he shouldn't have any of the spring rolls (which I knew, but was thrilled the did too). Thank you, Thai Cafe! I'm going to tell all of the GFCF families I know! (Picture does this meal NO JUSTICE!!!) Oh, and yes, that's mustard next to the chicken. He likes to dip everything in something these days! Stay tuned for the recipe on that chicken tender. My mom made them for Levi and they're out of this world!

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