Levi Loves Soup

How lucky are we to have a child with a relatively diverse palate. He never fails to surprise me with the new things he's willing to try (Pork Chili Verde) and the things he won't even touch (the awesome GFCF cookies his Aunt Katy baked him!), which is why I am trying more and more to make sure that the things we make for ourselves at home are also GFCF, in the hopes he'll want to try it! Today I heated up a bowl of Green Chili with roasted pork that I made for the Fox 59 segment yesterday. Low and behold, he came over and, just like the little bird he is, opened his mouth for a taste. I hate having to tell him "no" when it comes to food, so I was thrilled that I had left the goat cheese out of the batch I left at home and he could have all he wanted. Well, as you can see, he loved it, and actually took, and finished my bowl! It's been almost 2 months since we started this GFCF journey, and we're seeing great results! He's blossoming in so many ways!

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